Race heritage


The cutting edge of powerboat racing comes to the birthplace of nautical innovation.

From 1904…



A revolution took place at the Palais de Monaco early in the 20th century. It was ignited by a race organised in what was a seaside resort better known for its casino than for its sporting or nautical activities

The ‘Monaco Meeting’ on 25th March 1904, saw power boating come into its own and become the king of all motorised sports – modern, dynamic, the natural successor to the dated sail. This upheaval marked the rise of power boating as a sport – unquestionable prestige with dominating technical influence.

Now, more than 100 years after Prince Albert I established the ‘Grand Monaco’ powerboat meeting in 1904, Solar1 brings a revolutionary new generation of boat racing to these famous waters. A race that fulfils Monaco and Prince Albert II commitment to protecting our planet. A `race which looks to the future and must be seen to be believed – yet another revelation to the Monegasque history.

There’s something in the Monaco air. The dramatically beautiful coastline, the glamorous parties, the yachts and crystal blue sea…

There simply is no better place to race.

Monaco is upholding its reputation as a global hub for nautical innovation, with the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco as the official hosting partner and epicentre of the king of races: Solar1.



To 2014

Inaugurated in June 2014 and designed by the British architect Lord Norman Foster and Monaco born architect Alexandre Giraldi, the spectacular new Yacht Club de Monaco building, with its one and a half thousand elite members, is the official hosting partner of the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, its President, took a keen interest in ensuring that the club had the least environmental impact possible by making use of the very latest technology and design innovations. As a result the building has been built to HQE® (Haute Qualité Environnementale) standards with efficient water, waste and energy management systems, photovoltaic solar panels and a hydro-cooling system that recycles water from the port.

The Principality of Monaco, a tourist destination par excellence, is aiming to become irreproachable in environmental protection.  In this spirit, the Monegasque State and key tourism professionals are becoming more and more active every day in all aspects of sustainable development. To find out more about the commitments of Monaco please click on the image below. Monaco