Our Mission

We are a leading organisation that is inspired by nature and powered by innovation. We use global events to communicate, educate and promote a greener and brighter future to a new generation.

In July 2014, Monte Carlo became an arena for the first ever solar boat race on the open water, setting the scene for a new era in competitive racing. Monaco residents, elite racing enthusiasts and the “movers & shakers” of the solar power industry gathered at the brand new Monaco Yacht Club to support the 23 racing vessels who went head to head in a 100% carbon-free nautical race.

 ‘Solar1 races was created to promote the use of solar power in our every day lives, which I strongly believe in. I see it as a great opportunity to animate and excite a new generation, whilst also focusing their attention on important issues such as renewable energy. I would like our future to be; clean, economical and sustainable.  Solar1 moves us all towards a greener, brighter future!’

 “The Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 was the first of its kind to unite businesses and pioneers driving the future of energy. Today, the flourishing solar power industry has an equally powerful event, capable of showcasing its remarkable development. Tomorrow, we will bring the same energy and innovation to other major yachting centers world-wide.”

Sergei Dobroserdov, Founder of Solar1.

Solar1 has come along way since it’s very first sea trials in 2013. With the help of Vripack (Solar1’s technical partners), Yacht Club de Monaco (Solar’1 hosting partner for Monaco) and CLAFIS Private Energy Solar Boat Team (Competitors in the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014) who graciously trailed their boat on the Mediterranean waters, Solar1 has become an outstanding success.

Through lots of hard work, dedication and a great support system, including our amazing 2014 sponsors, Solar1 has been able to create an event like no other.

3 days of truly green racing, with teams from all around the world and creating a platform for education; we very proud of what we have accomplished and what our future holds.

“I am thrilled that [the Solar1 Monte-Carlo Cup] will attract many young people to Monaco from all over the world, as this new generation is clearly very involved and concerned about technical advances that will help safeguard our planet.”
Bernard d’Allesandri, Yacht Club de Monaco, the club’s general secretary

“We had a fantastic collection of boats here in Monaco! Some of them even had foils. It’s the first time I’ve seen this technology on solar boats. As the largest solar-powered boat in the world PlanetSolar has its place alongside these smaller craft which will one day be big! It’s fantastic to see this bright new generation bringing their knowledge to the development of this energy of the future. I am full of admiration for the ingenuity and creativity of the team, some of whom are only 18. It’s a bold challenge but above all a message of hope for the future.”
Gerard d’Aboville, Captain of PlanetSolar