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The Solar 1 Monte-Carlo Cup 2016 welcomes all who wish to race or participate.

Even if you have no connection to the maritime world or solar industry you can still join in this world class event.

Registration takes place on our website via the form below or by contacting Martin Woszczynski , our Marketing Director and Team Coordinator, who will provide you with all the information and documents you need to get started.

You can, race your existing solar boat, create a new vessel from scratch, or let us help you build the perfect one together.

In partnership with cutting-edge nautical engineers Vripack, Solar1 have designed a new vessel for those new to the world of solar racing.These new V20 boats can be purchased at various stages of completion and will be custom built to suit your needs and budget. We will also be offering a race kit to include a branded and customised V20 boat, a training programme for all budding pilots, a maintenance support package.


The V20 is the World’s first One Design Solar Racer. The boat is solely driven by the energy created from the Sun.

The V20 is a so called Hydro Foiling WIG vessel. The adjustable Hydro Foils carry her hull out of the water and the NACA shape of the deck creates a Wing in Ground (WIG) effect creating additional lift. The goal for all this is to reduce the natural resistence to a minimum allowing the Solar Power to be used for pure speed followed by pleasure and an ear to ear smile on your face.

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